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Space is the place, John Harris


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Tyler Shields: Indulgence, 2014

"Indulgence is an idea" - Tyler Shields Indulgence, the newest series from Tyler Shields, features actress Ana Mulvoy Ten and a hungry friend of the reptilian variety. The collection is centered around the idea of luxury and society’s sick obsession with indulging in the finer things life has to offer - like Hermes, Chanel and Prada to name a few.

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Ranger WIP by Jeremy Booth
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Creativity Juice by Jeremiah Britton
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The Big Bang Bundle, a Designer MUST HAVE: An almost infinite amount of templates and sources for $49 (worth $14k).

Seriously, this thing is jaw-dropping, a stratospheric amount of templates, add ons, vectors, fonts, illustrations, textures, brushes worthing $14,979 for only $49 (or $79 if you choose the whole complete package). We’re talking about 26 Gigabytes of files, any sane person would think this kind of thing is illegal or something like bittorent, but NO, this is a TOTAL legal License where you can use it  for commercial projects, edit, adapt, print, delete or any thing that you want. 

A photoset isn’t enough to show you all the files that are included in the package, but the whole package includes:

  • 470 Vectors packs
  • 925 vector illustrations
  • 102 High Res Textures
  • 123 Photoshop and illustrator Addons
  • 67 photoshop brushes
  • 15 Tutorials
  • 110 Web & Print resources and UI Kits
  • 60 T-shirts designs and
  • 25 Family of Fonts.

You will use this resources in the projects of your entire life.

But not all in this life is perfect or forever, this deal by inkydeals will last 4 days, so don’t think to much and grab one of this package, I already have mine.

Pinch yourself, isn’t a dream check it here: http://bit.ly/bigbangbundle